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Supplied as a DOWNLOAD, Jack and the Beanstalk has no seasonal references, and can be performed at any time of year. It follows the traditional pantomime story, but on his travels Jack meets a host of nursery rhyme characters. It is a truly delightful play, and has been enjoyably performed by children around the world. The script is very simple, and if necessary it can be easily adapted to the ages/abilities of the actors, perhaps with some adlibs or role play additions suggested by the children. Even without additions, it runs for approx 45 mins. The script is supported by 22 audio tracks featuring 11 modern catchy songs- each with vocals (for rehearsing) and backing tracks (for performance) A simple score is provided free of charge, but no pianist is required if you use the backing tracks . All our plays come with a FREE school performance licence.

List of songs:

1    Sell the Cow! (original song-sad ballad, with a solo by Jack)
2    Sing a Song of Sixpence (traditional song reworked!)
3    Farmer in the Dell: (traditional - Great for movement/dance)
4    Vegetarian Rap (Rock and Roll, with solo by the cow)
5    How Fine to Be a Cloud- (lovely original song with solo parts)
6    I hear Thunder! (Modern version with new sections added)
7    Chicken Song  (traditional,  sung by the magic hen)
8    Quick Jack, Run Away! (original song- Very popular "heavy rock")
9    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (traditional, with solo by the "harp")
10   Hey Diddle Diddle (traditional)
11   Well done, Jack! (rocky unison song)

Jack and the beanstalk Cast List

Narrator 1                                   Narrator 2
Jack                                            Jack's Mother
Jumper the Cow                         Baker
Farm Children                            Butcher & wife
Magic Bean Seller                      Clouds
Giant                                           Giant's housekeeper
Old Woman                                Magic Harp 
Town Crier                                 Magic Hen

Narrator 1: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, please make sure you are sitting comfortably. We want to welcome you to a wonderful magical tale. A tale of giants and magic. Welcome to our show. We proudly present ... Jack and the Beanstalk!

Narrator 2: Our story begins many years ago in a land far away .Once upon a time there was a poor boy called Jack. He lived on a shabby farm with his mother. (ENTER JACK CARRYING AXE , WITH MOTHER) Times were hard ,they had no money and the winter was cold . (JACK PULLS HIS JACKET AROUND HIMSELF ) Jack had an axe. He was quite interested in do-it-yourself.

Mother: Get to work Jack chop some wood for the fire.

Jack: Do it yourself! Do it yourself!

Mother: Don't be so rude, you lazy boy. Hurry up and get that wood chopped up. I've got to go and make dinner . (EXIT MOTHER )

Narrator 1: Jack hated working. He really hated chopping wood for the fire. He was so bored. Jack: I hate chopping wood .I'd rather go off and have an adventure. (ENTER MOTHER)

Mother: You lazy boy .You haven't chopped any wood at all!. Give me that axe. You'll have to do it later. Your dinner's ready.

Jack: What's for dinner, mum?

Mother: Nettle soup and stale bread of course!

Jack: (TO AUDIENCE) Nettle soup and stale bread again? Yuck. That’s worse than school dinners!

Mother: Well, I can't help it. We've got no money since your father died. We're penniless. In fact I've got something to tell you. I'm very sorry, Jack but I've decided…………..we've got to sell the cow.

Narrator 2: Jack was sad. The only thing they had left to sell was the cow. He loved Jumper the cow. He didn't want to sell her.

Jack: (alarmed) Sell the cow? Oh Mum! Have we really got to sell Jumper? She's my only friend. (ENTER JUMPER THE COW)

****** SONG: SELL THE COW! ***** (A sad ballad, verse 1 sung by Jack’s mother, then all join in.) *******

Narrator 1: So Jack waved goodbye to his Mother and set off towards the market to sell the cow.
( EXIT MOTHER ) On the way home he met a Baker and his wife going to market with a basket of pies. (ENTER BAKER & WIFE)

Baker: Hello, where are you going? Jack: I'm going to market to sell my cow.

Baker’s Wife: Oh, what a fine animal! What's her name? Jack: This is my best friend, Jumper! Baker: Why did you call her Jumper? Jack: Because she's a Jersey cow!

Baker: You look hungry. I'll swap this huge basket of pies for your cow.

Narrator 2: Jack wasn't sure about this. He wanted to taste one of the pies first. He took a bite out of the pie and said no thanks, it was yucky.... he asked the baker what was in the pie.

Baker’s Wife: What do you mean, Yucky? Yum Yum Yummy you mean!! It's lovely. It's blackbird pie. I put 24 fresh blackbirds in it this morning.

********** SONG: SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE **********Sung by all (EXIT BAKER AND BAKER’S WIFE)

Narrator 1: Jack and Jumper carried on their way. They hadn't gone far before they met a group of farm children playing in a field. (ENTER FARM CHILDREN)

Farm child 1: Arr! Hello, where might you be a-going to on this fine sunny morning? Jack: I'm going to market to sell my cow.

Farm child 2: Good luck! But before you go, come and play a game with us. (Optional : add some clapping games of your own)

********** SONG: THE FARMER’S IN THE DELL ********* Sung by all (EXIT FARM CHILDREN)

Narrator 1: A little further down the road he met a butcher and his wife. (ENTER BUTCHER AND HIS WIFE)

Butcher's wife: That's a fine animal you've got there. Do you want to sell her? We've got a butcher's shop in town. We could kill that cow and sell the meat. Narrator 1: Jack didn't want to sell the cow to the butcher. He wanted to sell her to a farmer so that she could continue to live happily and give her sweet delicious milk for people to drink. Butcher: (HORRIBLY, TO AUDIENCE) I want to slaughter that cow. I want to boil its bones to make glue. I could mince that cow up and make beef burgers. I could make yummy pies. YOU want me to slaughter that cow don't you? (JUMPER SHAKES HER HEAD) Audience: Boo! Oh no we don't etc.

********** SONG: VEGETARIAN RAP ********** (First verse sung by the cow)

Narrator 2: Jack and Jumper hurried on their way .A bit further down the road they met a strange little man in a funny little hat. (ENTER MAGIC BEAN SELLER WITH THREE "BAGS OF GOLD”, EACH BAG BIGGER THAN THE FIRST . THE BIGGEST BAG CONTAINS FIVE MAGIC BEANS.)

Magic Bean Seller: Hello my fine fellows! Are you going to market to sell your cow? Aha! Then it's your lucky day, because I need a cow to give me milk every morning. I’d like to buy her from you. Jack: Very well, sir. How much will you give me for her?

Magic Bean Seller: Well let’s see. How about a fortune in gold?

Jack: (HOLDS OUT HIS HAND EAGERLY) Okay! It’s a deal.

Magic Bean Seller: Not so fast young lad. The cow will have to answer some simple questions to win the gold! (Assumes the role as quizmaster of a topical TV quiz show) Now, to win the first bag of gold ...... What game do cows play at a party ?

Jumper: (REPEATS QUESTION) I know! I know! Moo-sical chairs! Magic Bean Seller: Confident ? Is that your final answer? YES, that's the correct answer. You win the first bag of gold. (OFFERS JACK FIRST BAG OF GOLD) But we don't want to give you that ....... Next question. Take your time. Where can you see prehistoric cows?

Jumper: (REPEATS THE QUESTION) I think I know that!! But I’m not sure………

Magic Bean Seller: Want to ask the audience ?

Jumper: Yes, I'll ask the audience (ASKS THE AUDIENCE) Where can you see prehistoric cows? (GETS ANSWER FROM THE AUDIENCE) The answer is ...... In the Natural History Moo- seum! .

End of Script Sample

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