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Special Offer- Download it for £8.00! Ages 6 to 11

Also available as a script with CD

Really great musical assembly!!!!

Theme: Food Around The World. Easy script supported by two original children's songs. You get: Editable play script and 4 audio tracks (2 vocal tracks, 2 backing tracks)

plus free performance licence.

Synopsis: It’s breakfast time for an ordinary family. Dad has been grumbling that he wants a full English breakfast. Hesays he will never eat any “foreign food.” But a full English breakfast actually consists almost entirely of foods fromother countries- cornflakes, bacon, tea, coffee, marmalade etc. Children in the audience are delighted as the various dishes are whisked away from him! (More so if a teacher plays the part of Dad) There are lots of possibilities for follow-up work about where food comes from, rhymes, food surveys etc.The play comes with 2 songs - with vocals for rehearsals and without vocals for a karaoke-style performance. A simple melody-line score is also provided in case you wish to use a pianist or guitarist instead. See the script and hear a song below.


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