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Short Plays and Assemblies

The Book Parade
£22.45  Ages 5-11  30 min

Save the trees and clean the planet. A great playscript.


The Trouble  With Goldilocks

£22.45 25 min

Goldilocks needs friends to help find the way home. Magical.

George Has Killed

the Dragon!

£30.00 Ages 7-12, 

30 mins.

Stirring celebration of St. George with great songs

Stone Soup

£7.50 45  min  Ages 6-11

A story of ingenuity and sharing. Very popular.

The Pied Piper

£22.45 20 min ages 5-12,

Full version also available

noah,ark,rain,weather,flood,ham,shem,animals,zoo,noah's ark,christian,old testament

Noah & the Rainbow Boat

£22.45  Ages 5-12  25 min

Full version also available

Food for Thought

£22.45    15  min  Age 4-9

Collection of short musical assemblies about food.

Best seller.

The Towering Turnip
£12.95  Ages 5-9  25 min

A charming KS1 musical based on
the classic "Enormous Turnip" story


In a Garden in China
£30.00  Ages 7-13  30 min
A brilliant musical based on
the classic "Willow Pattern Plate" story

florence,nightingal,crimea,war,medicine,nursing,lady with the lamp,famous women,pioneer,hospital

Sleeping Beauty

KS1 25 min £22.45

Full version also available


Florence Nightingale
    £22.45 Ages 7-13 25 Mins

Fifteen musical visualisations/ meditations for children to develop the ability to relax.

A Not-So-English Breakfast

£12.95    20  min  Age 7-11

Our most popular class assembly about food.

Goodbye and Good Luck Y6 Leavers Show

£12.95  20  min  Age 11

Musical Leavers Assembly for Year Six

Hansel and Gretel

Short Version 20 min £9.95

Full version also available

Three Billy Goats Gruff

£9.95  20  min  Ages 4-9

Beautiful short musical, nice songs, easy script

The Three Little Pigs

£5.00 15  min  Age 4-9

Funny, cute, simple short KS1 musical.

Geri and her Grime Gang!

£12.95  Ages 5-9  25 min

A short musical to promote hand washing


Four Happy Toothbrushes

£12.95  Ages 5-9  15 min

A short musical to promote

looking after your teeth.





        All Three

        titles for


Chips, Chips, Chips!

£12.95  Ages 5-9  15 min

A short musical about

healthy eating at lunchtime


Chinese New Year

£12.95    25  min  Age 7-11

Very nice colourful short musical. Great for any time of year. Animals topic.

Jack and the Beanstalk
    £7.95 Ages 5-9   20 Mins
KS1 version
Full version also available


The Sky is Falling In (Chicken Licken)

£12.95    15  min  Age 4-8

Wonderful musical presentation, loved by young casts

Four Fabulous Fairytales
£22.45  Ages 5-11  15 min each. 4 short musicals to inspire any primary class

And So to Bed

£5.00  15  min  Age 4-8

Short play to promote early  bedtimes!!!

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Aesop: Plays, Songs and Stories

£22.45   10-15   min each  Age 5-9  Nice collection of drama resources for literacy, "Ancient Greece"

The Towering Turnip

£12.95  25 min  min  Age 4-9

Short play based on the The Enormous Turnip Story

The Gingerbread Man

£5.00   15 min Age 4-8

Young children adore acting this classic tale

easy primary school plays for kids.jpg

Boy Who Cried Wolf

£5.00  15 min  min  Age 4-9

Well known fable presented as a short simple musical

Food for Thought

£22.45 A collection of attractive short plays about food.

For thanksgiving and all year round

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