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Autumn/Christmas Plays

Make this Christmas one to remember with a delightful drama production ! Our plays are filled with magic, humour, and heartwarming moments that will enchant audiences young and old. Putting on a play is a valuable experience for children, teaching them important skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. Choose a Christmas play and enjoy the joy and excitement your children will bring to the stage.

Zak the wizard's cat is a Christmas comedy for primary and middle schools. Features wizards, magic,philanthropy,a magic talking cat and lots of pantomime sillyness

Zak & the Sausages

£40.00  Ages 7-13  55 min

Hilarious mayhem with

Zak the Magic Cat

When a Bad Plan Goes Wrong   

KS2    £22.45 

Mystery Play based on

"Sleeping Beauty"

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Food for Thought

£22.45   Age 4-8

Collection of short musicals about food.

Jack and the Beanstalk

 £30.00 Ages 5-9 yrs,  45 Mins.

Lovely show, easy and quick.

Popular pantomime style comedy

A humorous, crazy musical featuring a time machine. Very well received worldwide.

Uncle Crumble's

Mad Machine

£35.00  45 min Ages 7-13

Crazy time machine adventure.

Joseph's Coat of Many Colours. Wonderful biblical tale for children to act and sing.

Joseph's Coat of  Many Colours

Our own unique version of Joseph. Incredibly popular.

£40.00  Ages 7-13   55 min

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£40.00  55  min  Age 5-11

A firm favourite for any time of year. 

Snow White

£40.00 Ages 5-13  45 min  A classic and wonderful easy musical

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Merry Christmas Mr Scrooge

£37.50 Ages 7-13 55 Mins

Look no further. This is the one

Three Billy Goats Gruff

£9.95  20  min  Ages 4-9

Beautiful short musical, nice songs, easy script

No-One Quite Like Me

£40.00 45  min  Ages 6-13

Based on the Ugly Duckling. 

Heartwarming great fun.

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The Greatest Gift

£40.00  45  min

Gorgeous simple Nativity with lovely original songs

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The Happy Prince

£30.00 Ages 7-13 45 Mins

Ideal for a beautiful memorable show

The Book Parade

KS1/2   £7.95

15 minute assembly

to encourage reading

The Trouble With Goldilocks

    £22.45 Ages 5-9 25 Mins

Goldilocks needs  help to get home.

Colorful Christmas Tree_edited.jpg

The Spirit of Christmas

Unusual rendition of Christmas customs and festivities 

for a large primary school cast

A Not-So-English Breakfast

£12.95    20  min  Age 7-11

Our most popular class assembly about food.

The Lion and the Mouse

£12.95   20 min

Everyone is important, even a weak little mouse.


Zak and the Sausages! £30.00

Crazy 50 min pantomime for KS2 Zak the talking cat saves Christmas

Daniel in the Lions Den

£22.45  25 min 


18 Original Songs for Christmas  £7.50

Our favourite originals to enhance your school's Christmas play.

Vocal tracks, backing tracks, lyrics and score.


21 Easy Carols   £7.50

Lots of Christmas songs for your school production or just because it's Christmas!

Vocal tracks, backing tracks, lyrics and score.


The Happy Prince

£40.00  15  min  KS2

The poignant Oscar Wilde tale set to music. Very nice play (Christian theme)


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