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Easy Primary School Plays to Act, Sing and Dance

Year 6 Leavers Plays

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£40.00 Ages 5-13    60 Mins

Scintillating comedy show for a large cast. A worthy best seller.

Joseph's Coat of

Many Colours

Our own unique version of Joseph. Incredibly popular.

£40.00  Ages 7-13   55 min




There's No-One Quite

Like Me

£40.00 45  min  Ages 6-13

Based on the Ugly Duckling. A SEAL resource- anti-bullying

Goodbye, My Friends!

£22.45  30  min  

Y6 Leavers Show




Goodbye and Good Luck

£12.95  20  min  Age 11

Musical Leavers Assembly for Year Six


£30.00  55  min  

A firm favourite for an over-the-top

end of term production 


£30.00  35  min

Charming and ultra popular musical version of this wonderful tale.

Snow White

£40.00  Ages 5-13  

45-50 min  A classic and wonderful

easy musical

In a Garden in China
£30.00   25 min
A mystical musical based on the Willow Pattern story

When a Bad Plan Goes Wrong!

£22.45 Striking parody of "Sleeping Beauty"

(script only)


The Happy Prince

£30.00  45  min 

The poignant Oscar Wilde tale set to music. Very nice play (Christian theme)


 Dick Whittington
£40.00     55-60 Min
Exciting large cast show for any time of year. 

Beauty and the Beast
£30.00  60 Mins
Popular large cast primary school musical 

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Sleeping Beauty
£40.00  Ages 7-13    50 min
An exciting large cast musical for primary schools.

Tanya the Tooth Fairy

£40.00 45 min

Magical comedy. Great characters in

a school setting

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