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Just Call Me "The Pied Piper"


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In the thirteenth century, Hamelin is a prosperous town. Barges of grain unload at Hamelin, and the people are busy milling, baking, brewing and trading.


The play begins with colourful action in the market square with traders selling their wares and children dancing and singing to the song “Happy Town of Hamelin.” Meanwhile, hidden in the mountains, a small village has had a disaster. Many of the mountain villagers and children have died of poverty and disease. The village elders send their son (the Pied Piper) to Hamelin to seek help.


However, all is not well in Hamelin. Where there is grain, there are mice! In response to the problem, the mayor decrees that every citizen must (by law) have a cat! For a while all is well…….until the arrival of a plague of rats! The cats cannot cope! The Pied Piper arrives and agrees to rid the town of the rats, and the mayor promises him a generous payment plus his daughter’s hand in marriage. The Piper is overjoyed because he can take his new wealth to his stricken village. He charms the rats away and they perish in the river. But, on completion of the task, the mayor refuses to keep his promises.


In a rage, the Piper charms away the children of Hamelin to a better place in the mountains where people always keep their promises. Hamelin becomes a sad lonely place.

Two alternative endings are supplied. The play can end on the traditional tragic note….OR you will probably choose the happier ending where the problems are all resolved, the Piper is paid and a magnificent wedding ends the show!

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      £40.00    ages 7-12.   55 mins.


BRILLIANT large cast musical show very suitable for any time of year. The wonderful magical Pied Piper story with a happy ending! GREAT FUN! LOTS OF ACTION! 26 TRACK CD : 10 GREAT SONGS, SIMPLE SCORE, LYRICS, AND THE SCRIPT TO CUSTOMIZE. Parts for all, nice and easy to stage, recommended!! There are some song samples below.

The Happy Town of Hamelin -
People, come and listen! -
Go cats, go! -
Rats in the Kitchen! -
We want our children back. -
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