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A musical comedy inspired by the Grimm Fairytale Target Age 7-11 years Duration: 20-25 mins (approx) Casting- flexible, for a whole class. This play comes with three easy songs, with backing tracks. No musical ability is needed- just sing along. The script is supplied as a “Word” file so you can customize it. (Simplify it if necessary or make additions) A Basic free melody-line score and songsheets for OHP are also supplied.


Magic Parrot Easy Primary School Plays is proud to offer a range of classic fairytale musicals for children aged 6-11. Our plays are affordable, easy to use and come with everything you need for a successful performance. Our audio tracks make singing along a breeze, even for children with no musical experience. We truly believe that our musicals can be a transformative experience for children, helping them to develop new skills and grow in confidence. Get in touch today to find out more.

Clever Girl -
All Night Long -
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